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Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is an energy healing commonly used by American nurses. The principle behind this therapy is that disease is not only within the physical body but also manifests as blocked energy within the aura.

Although it is called Therapeutic touch there is very little physical touching as the healing is within the auric fields. By smoothing and 'unruffling' and 'repatterning' blocked energy flow it is possible to bring a sense of wellbeing and balance back to the person.

You are not required to undress for this therapy, just lie on the couch and enjoy the intense feeling of universal love.

The benefits of Therapeutic Touch are:-

Aura is rebalanced
  Universal love and healing
    Relaxation is promoted
      Initiates the body to self heal
        Creates a feeling of wellbeing

A Therapeutic Touch treatment session normally lasts approximately 45 minutes

   Price: 25.00