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Remedial/Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Remedial/Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage is an excellent way of releasing stored tension and stress as most of us lead busy hectic life styles.

Very often it’s not until we have a massage that we realise how tight and knotted our neck and shoulders have become. 

Massage encourages the muscles to relax and release any stored tension.

The benefits of Remedial/Swedish Massage include:

De-stresses and calms
  Encourages the release of toxins from the body
    Stimulates blood and lymphatic flow
      Touch connects us to each other
        Relaxation is promoted
          Enables the body to release its natural endorphins
            Stored tension from the muscles is released
              Sound sleep may be promoted

A Remedial/Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage treatment session normally lasts approximately 30 minutes

   Price: £20.00

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