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Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing or Crystal Therapy is a treatment using various crystals which are placed on and around the body.

Crystals resonate at certain frequencies of energy that can influence the energy fields of the body, removing blockages to bring balance to the mind and body, and promoting health and well-being.

You do not need to be undressed for this therapy, just lie on the couch and let the soothing crystal energies wash over and through you.

The benefits of Crystal Healing are:-

Healing energies from a natural source
  Encompasses mind, body and spirit
    Allows you to have 'me time'
      Links to the earth's vibration
        Initiates the body to self heal
          Normalises blocked energy flow
            Generates a feeling of wellbeing

A Crystal Healing treatment session normally lasts approximately 45 minutes

   Price: 30.00