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Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

Aromatherapy massage is utilised using essential oils which are extracted by different methods from flowers, roots and leaves.

Each essential oil has specific properties which are used to alleviate various health problems and prevent disease. As they treat the whole person they truly are holistic in nature.. The essential oils are blended into a carrier oil which is then used to perform the massage.

Aromatherapy massage is much gentler than the Remedial/Swedish massage.

The benefits of Aromatherapy massage are:-

Maintains muscle tone
  Aromatherapy essential oils calm and sooth
    Stimulate blood and lymphatic flow
      Sound sleep may be promoted
        Allows you to have some 'me time'
          Gives a general sense of well being
            Eliminates toxins from the body


An Aromatherapy Full Body Massage treatment session normally lasts approximately 60 minutes

   Price: 40.00