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Cherubim, Seraphim, Prince and Virtue
     Archangel, Power and Throne
     These are the Angels sent from God
     To guide us safely home

This life can be a trial
A tough exam to pass
We gain experience on the way
Our souls learn from life’s tasks

1We travel on life’s journey
Some flounder on the way
With Angels’ help and guidance
We need never go astray

 As all we have to do is ask
 For love to fuel our heart
 And when we can’t see our way through
 Then light will fill the dark

 One hundred thousand Angels
 Are standing by your side
 Be open to their purest love
 Then on their wings you’ll ride

Ask them to carry your burden
2 And help when you are low
Send your prayers and needs and wants
So they can help you grow

Then when our contract’s worked in full
And we all get to Heaven
See this as a chance to sing
As now we’ve finally got our wings

We leave this Earth for pastures new
To fly the astral plane
But we’ll return for lessons to learn
Several times over again

Then when our work is finally done
We go on to ascension
To join the ascended master’s rank -
For that is God’s intention



   In Love and Light

I lay upon the therapy couch
My eyes were tightly shut
Not knowing quite what to expect
I felt a gentle touch
Then a warmth spread over me
My mind began to race
As feeling all this energy
Was like a warm embrace

I felt my body so relaxed
My mind an empty shell
I went to places never been
And saw strange things as well
Vivid colours came to mind
With tingles in my feet
As I lay there, oh so quiet
I could hear my own heart beat

Then drifting of into a place
I‘m sure I was in bliss
As the energy caressed me
Like a very gentle kiss
So this is Reiki - my first time
Of trying something new
The energy was so profound
I’ll book in for a few

It truly was amazing
     As I learned to be relaxed
     And knowing that the universe
     Through love had given me that
     So if you need to re-connect
     With source, your God or self
     Just book in for some Reiki 
     It will bring you back to health